SkillStay Pro - Silicone Shin Guard Stays

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SkillStay Pro: A revolutionary product that will simplify everyday life and save money for all soccer players.

Avoid the hassle of sticky shin guard tape, which is an expensive consumable, or uncomfortable solutions such as stiff and clumsy shin guard holders that doesn't feel good on the leg and risk coming off during the game.

SkillStay Pro is a unique product made of comfortable and flexible silicone, which gives an incredibly comfortable and flexible feeling. The product is put on below or on a piece of the shin guard and ensures that things stay in place.

An incredibly good and durable product that does its job in the absolute best way.


Cleaning the SkillStay Pro is super easy. Rinse the product with cold tap water and let it air dry and voila, the product is like new.

One Size

Due to the flexibility of the high-quality silicone and the well-thought-out shape of the product, it fits pretty much everyone.

Full wrap: Doesn't come off during games

Unlike other products, SkillStay Pro surrounds the leg all the way around, making it impossible for it to come loose during a game.

Contains 1 pair

1 year warranty. We send out new ones if they break.


Color: White