Necklace - Playmaker Static

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Show your love for football with this amazing necklace from SkillSocks: Playmaker Static.

Cordel chain in stainless steel, gold plated with 18k real gold. Perfect for everyday use or when you want to stand out on finer occasions.


Chain length: 60 cm

Chain thickness: 5 mm

Stainless steel

Gold plating with 18k real gold

What is gold plating?

Gold plating means that the surface layer is gold plated with 18k real gold. Gold plated jewelry is a great solution to get jewelry that sparkles with gold at very good prices.

The jewelry basically consists of stainless steel, and has then been coated with real gold. This makes the jewelry shine like gold. Since the surface is gold-plated but the base is stainless steel, no stamp is applied to the piece.